Craft & Education Supplies

If you have ever wanted to make a magnet at home, or in the classroom, Austmag now gives you the ability to do it with our range of craft supplies.

Magnetic Photo Paper for Inkjets
This is quality Epson photo paper bonded to a magnetic sheet, ready for printing. Use this with ink-jet printers to yeild high quality (up to photo quality) instant magnets.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheet
This is a magnetic sheet with a self-adhesive coating on top. This allows you to instantly bond paper onto a magnet backing for quick and easy personalised magnets.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tabs
Available in three different sizes, these cost effective magnetic tabs will stick to the back of cards, calenders and the like.

Available sizes are:

120 x 20mm
25 x 25mm Budget
20 x 20mm Budget
20 x 30mm Budget
20 x 30mm Heavy Duty
20 x 40mm Budget
20 x 40mm Heavy Duty
40 x 40mm Budget
55 x 90mm Budget
50 x 30mm Budget
50 x 70mm Budget
40 x 50mm Budget
15 x 50mm

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